For evaluation of the answer sheets, a third party platform called Assess-ed is used which has the ability  for question-wise evaluation- tutors can evaluate responses of all students to a question together, which makes the evaluation process much faster. To facilitate question wise evaluation the exact area in the answer sheet an answer belongs has to be specified, and that'd have to be done by the student himself. There were debates on which approach to take:
To make the experience simplest for the students, approach 3 in which the student doesn't have to tag the answers was taken forward after discussions with the tutoring team and product team. Key screens from the Desktop Web flow is as follows:

The exam is scheduled for all students together on a specified time slot. Students can join the exam from the upcoming cards, as well as directly from notification

Key instructions are shown prior to starting the test

The questions can be navigated by scrolling or by clicking question number in the pagination

Screen to upload answers

Images can be cropped and rotated in the upload window itself

Pages could be re-ordered in this view after the upload

A mandatory preview acts as a revision also for the students, where they can re-order the and edit as well.

A confirmation nudge is pushed when submits

Card status is submitted in the homepage and student can edit responses till the time period ends

A confirmation nudge is pushed when student tries to exit the exam

A grace period of 15 minutes is given to all students who haven't submitted 

After the grace period, the paper is auto submitted

After end of grace period, the card is moved to the completed tab and answer key is made available

The student can view the answer key and his answers as well and compare

Once the evaluation is done, corrected sheets ans question wise marks are made available

PDF upload is also enabled as answer keeping in mind the different scanning apps students might be using

The app design language is as per the revised Byju's app style guidelines

Interface is designed keeping in mind touch interactions and accessibilities of touch

Some more app screens

Trials & Improvements
The subjective test module had its trial runs with select grades. Few changes in the dev implementation such as keeping the banner with upload button sticky and increasing the click area for the select files button were done after that. To make sure that students read through the initial test instructions, the flow was redesigned with new diagrams.

The student has to go through all the 4 instructions to start the test.

The diagrams are designed for easy understanding even for the lower grade students.

The CTA to start the test is given in the fourth and last instruction.

The CTA to upload answer sheets and to view the instructions again are made available in the Questions view on scroll as well.

Instructions in mobile view

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