Project Objective
Transform the existing website from a low-energy, monochrome design into a modern, visually striking, brand-aligned experience. Prioritize landing page design to drive leads and conversions, while ensuring visual consistency, seamless usability, and accessibility across the site.
Challenges and Considerations
CMS Migration: Seamlessly migrate from HubSpot to Webflow, ensuring continued functionality, design flexibility, and control over custom code and hosting.Tight Deadline: Manage and execute the project within a tight timeline.
My Role
Lead Designer: Led a team of four designers, defining timelines, workflows, and quality control standards.
Cross-Functional Collaboration: Fostered effective communication with marketing, product teams, and key stakeholders throughout the project.
Hands-on Design: Actively contributed to visual design, site architecture, and layout, ultimately delivering a successful launch.
Data-Driven Iteration: Continuously analyzed website data to identify areas for improvement and implemented optimizations post-launch.
Design Solutions
Enhanced Visual Appeal: Introduced a contemporary aesthetic with bold brand colors and curated icons for increased visual impact.
User-Focused Design: Prioritized user experience through a clear typography hierarchy, intuitive layouts, and ample breathing space.
Brand Consistency: Maintained seamless visual identity through a consistent design language across all pages.
Responsive Design: Ensured optimal accessibility and engagement on desktops, laptops, tablets, and mobile devices.
Improved Content Presentation: Developed a dedicated template for long-form articles, optimizing readability and engagement.
Strategic Tool Utilization: Maximized Webflow's capabilities, including customization, SEO tools, and A/B testing, for enhanced content marketing and
429% increase in organic traffic
500% overall traffic growth
7x growth in website visibility
Successful on-time launch under tight deadlines

Home page

Product feature pages

Blog page, ebook listing etc.

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