Tata Consumer Platform (Tata Neu)

Tata Consumer Platform (TCP) is the online ecosystem that brings different consumer businesses of Tata group under one umbrella. The platform connects Tata's brands in electronics, groceries, fashion, travel, luxury, finance, entertainment and more. It joins the rewards, benefits and loyalty points of the different brands and offers curated collections, discounts and its own payment system. 
I was part of the team designing the user experience of the digital platform. I worked on the visual design of the app and website, building a design language/library with typography, colours, icons and other graphical elements and built components. I worked with fellow UI and UX designers, developers and product owners and managers to churn out a seamless experience across the various user journeys of the app ecosystem. The app was eventually named as 'Tata Neu' and launched in 2022. 

Sample screens from different sections across the app.

Tata Motors Ltd. Virtual Showroom
The virtual showroom had desktop and mobile app versions and showcased the automaker's select range of cars. It enabled potential customers to get a glimpse of what the increasingly popular mobility features Tata Motors has to offer. 
I refined the existing designs to have a more unified visual language, to be subtle where needed and to be bold where needed. I designed icons and other graphic elements and coordinated with the development team. The project was discontinued after a stage because of business decisions.

Sample screens from different sections across the desktop app.

Sample screens from different sections across the mobile app.

Qmin is a food delivery app for the curated restaurants from Taj, SeleQtions and Vivanta hotels.
The visual design language was already in place when I joined the team. I designed UI for the user flows which were being added, which included the virtual party, loyalty burns and more.

Sample screens from different sections across the app.

Product Information Management (PIM) System
A part of the TCP (Tata Consumer Platform) project at Tata digital.
I designed the UI for the PIM web app, based on the Fiori design guidelines from SAP.

Sample screens from different sections across the web app.

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