Tutor Feedback System

During calls with parents and students, the mentors sometimes faced the issue of not having enough talking points. The tutor feedback system is designed to enable tutors to easily and efficiently mark feedback for the students while the session is going on, which will be shared with the mentors as well as in the performance reports of the students.

A brief overview on each student is given in student details tab.

On expanding a student detail, an interface is shown to mark score on 5 parameters selected in consultation with the tutoring team.

Scores added in the different parameters.

Tutor can also share quick notes regarding the students additional to the parameter scores.

The tutor can choose to add the feedback after the class session also, in the class history page.

Student details is present in the class history page to enable feedback sharing.

Clustering of students in thumbnail view

The objective of this project was to help the tutors more efficiently manage the class sessions by providing an easy and intuitive way to group the students under various parameters. Under each parameter the students are put in different buckets with which tutor can do actions which will be applied to all the students in the particular bucket.

Default view and parameter tabs view.

Expanded thumbnail area view and taking actions.

Downward facing camera - Learn station

This is a pilot project to leverage the top camera in Learn station tablet- a companion learning device from Byju's, personalized for each student. The objective is to enable notebook sharing by the students for better problem solving and learning, using the top camera of Learn Station which can project anything on the surface with OCR, perspective correction and much more.

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