Class Forum

The chat module inside the in-class platform for Byju's classes. Designed to enable more engagement in the class with features such as reactions and stickersĀ and also to be a log of the class session with time stamps of events. The module enables replying and pinning for the tutor as well to efficiently conduct the class. Mobile design pattern optimised for the limited real estate.
Rating Revamp

The Byjus's Classes platform faced issue of a portion of students dropping off after sessions without providing rating and feedback in the flow which was designed much earlier. I was asked to make the experience much easier and pleasant. Along with user research team member, I researched on different rating scales and user behaviours while giving rating and feedback. Based on the research, I designed the user flow and the visual design intended for A/B testing between 3 Point and Binary rating scales.

Research presentation slides.

User flow. sketches


UI samples

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